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Learn How to Use Your Weekly Energy Report

Posted On: March 15, 2020

We’ve revamped the Weekly Energy Report to arm you with even more information about your energy usage and empower you to make smart decisions that’ll lower your bill. Let’s take a look at what’s new and learn a few easy-to-use tricks! 

Side-By-Side Comparison and Bill Estimate
Every report will show you how the current week’s usage compares to last week. A red and green triangle will indicate whether the usage has gone up or down. 

Underneath that, you will find a bill estimate chart that will line up the estimated cost of your next bill with your previous bill amount. This is a simple and clear way to see your usage align with your costs. 

Weekly Electricity Usage Graph
This line graph has a lot of information available. There’s two weeks’ worth of usage broken down in seven-day increments, how much each day cost you and the temperature of that day – all in one graph!  

It’s also the clearest place where you can see how your usage affects your cost. Did you run the air conditioning on a really hot day? Did you spend a few days away from home on vacation or a business trip? You should be able to see the dips in usage on this graph. 

Neighbor Usage Comparison
The Weekly Energy Report’s final graph compares your usage to other homes in your area and shows where your home stacks up against the average home and an energy-efficient one. We explain how we choose the comparison group directly under the bar graph. 

If you’d like to move your home usage closer to that of an energy-efficient home, click on “Get energy savings tips” for a direct link to our blog.  

Usage Tests to Try
One of the best things about the Weekly Energy Report and having so much information about your energy usage at your fingertips is now you can test what energy-saving tips work best for your household. You’ll be more likely to change a simple tip into a long-standing habit when you can see the results every week! Here are a few tips to test out at home to see how their affect your overall usage: 

  • Turn off your air conditioner at night. Studies show that it’s easier and better for your health to fall asleep in a cold room.
  • Use only natural light. That may mean grabbing a blanket after opening the blinds but if your room has enough sunlight to illuminate the space, skip the light switch.
  • Meal prep for the week using a crockpot. You’ll be able to prepare a large amount of food in one sitting and hopefully cut back on stove use, which can spike energy usage.  

Give any of these tests a try and see how it affects the graphs on your Weekly Energy Report. You can always keep doing what works and toss in new tips every week!